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Building the City of Tomorrow <<

Cities are undergoing rapid change throughout the globe facing sustainability challenges as they strive to provide energy, water, and food supplies for their inhabitants. Decision makers, including governments, utility providers, planers, and investors are more than ever required to understand and respond to interdependencies among the various elements of this nexus. Model the food-water-energy nexus, including the impact of land/water use, urban infrastructure and renewable energy transition can facilitate strategies and target infrastructure investment forwarding global objectives including carbon neutral and sustainable cities.

HFT’s research marketing project CITYtrans, supported by the German Ministry for Education and Research, has built up a US-German research network and organizes a series of one scientific symposium and four workshops from June 1-7 in New York City. Research partners from the US and Germany share their research on the development in modeling approaches for the food, water, energy nexus. The event takes place in collaboration with stakeholders from the government and the industry in order to shape new project concepts and collaborations.

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Ursula Pietzsch (Ursula.pietzsch@hft-stuttgart.de)