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Team of HFT-Stuttgart - University of Applied Sciences wins award for best idea and concept at mobility Hackathon <<

Vision Zero App - Security routing for pedestrians and cyclists

A hackathon is a 24-hour competition event in which creative people develop ideas on a given topic, implement them in teams and finally submit them to a jury for evaluation. With the motto "new ways for mobility", such an event took place on 24th November 2018 at Stadtwerke Augsburg.

The team "GISJOE" from the HFT Stuttgart won the award for the best idea and concept for their 4D web-based application "VISION ZERO". The application visualizes the safest route for pedestrians and cyclists in Augsburg.

The prototype was built using CesiumJS 3D globe JavaScript library, the 3D city model was provided by State Office for Digitalisation, Broadband and Surveying Bavaria (https://www.ldbv.bayern.de/produkte/3dprodukte/3d.html) and the historical statistic data of accidents by the German federal statistics office. Furthermore, for the routing service, the HERE Routing API and the risk level layer were computed by using a geostatistical technique on the ArcGIS platform.

After having finished our prototype within a 24-hour time limit, all 19 teams were given the chance to present the final software applications within four minutes to a jury of experts including:
- Dr. Quirin J. Bauer - City of Augsburg
- Dr. Mara Cole - Centre of Digitalization Bavaria
- Prof. Dr. Volker Coors - University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart
- Dr. Ulrich Lange - eos.uptrade
- Georg Herrig - HERE Germany
- Prof. Dr. Thomas H. Kolbe - Runder Tisch GIS e. V. and Technical University of Munich
- Prof. Dr. Jukka M. Krisp - University of Augsburg
- Prof. Dr. Gunnar Teege - University of the German Army Munich.

As employees of the university project "i_city" we want to transfer this concept to Stuttgart. Our vision is to reach the target of zero accidents in Stuttgart and make the city subjectively safe for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition to preventing accidents this would make it possible to realize economic, environmental and sanitary benefits for the city. According to Greenpeace e.V. (2018) the macroeconomic profit would be approximately 30 cents/km if people went on a bike or on foot instead of using a car. Furthermore, we plan to integrate users perspective. One part of this is to conduct research by performing test drives on predetermined tracks with a facial expression recognition software and two applications employing sonic as well as light sensors on participant’s smart devices. Beyond that, we intend to involve users into the development process of the app by the means of crowd engineering: Users will have the possibility to rate the route they used as secure, neutral or insecure. This procedure could be transferred to other parts of Stuttgart and thus make it possible to collect data from all over the city.

By integrating statistical data, technical sensor data as well as subjective user data, we offer "VISION ZERO", an application that will truly respond to the needs and wishes of Stuttgart citizens.

Additionally, the city administration is provided with a sophisticated planning tool that will support them in developing the infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists in Stuttgart.

We are confident that we can make our vision of zero accidents in Stuttgart and a subjectively safe city for cyclists and pedestrians come true.

Awardees of the HFT-Stuttgart team are:
Joe Thunyathep Santhanavanich - research associate geoinformatics
E-Mail: thunyathep.santhanavanich@hft-stuttgart.de

Jan Silberer - research associate business psychology
E-Mail: jan.silberer@hft-stuttgart.de

Preston Rodrigues - research associate geoinformatics
E-Mail: preston.rodrigues@hft-stuttgart.de

Verena Loidl - research associate urban planning
E-Mail: verena.loidl@hft-stuttgart.de