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Team of HFT-Stuttgart is one of the three finalists to the CityGML Challenge <<

The CityGML Challenge sponsored by OGC Strategic Members and Ordnance Survey (OS) encourages software developers to configure visualization software tools to support the capabilities of version 3 of CityGML, including dynamic data feeds from a range of sensors. The resulting tools and visualization environment are to be made openly available for one year for broader non-commercial experimentation and innovation purposes, in particular as part of a Triangulum Innovation Challenge focused on energy and mobility applications.

A researcher team of HFT-Stuttgart consisting of Thunyathep Santhanavich, Patrick Würstle, Rosanny Sihombing, and Preston Rodriguez participated in this challenge and developed a 3D Smart Cities platform Manchester3D. Several heterogeneous 2D and 3D GIS data sources and live API feeds of the Manchester’s Oxford Corridor were successfully integrated and can be visualized in this application. They also successfully developed the automation cloud workflow to visualize the 3D city model in CityGML format through the web instantly. The video demo of this application can be watched here

The final judging round of the CityGML Challenge took place at the Friends’ Meeting House Manchester, UK. The HFT team was invited to present their Manchester3D application in person. The Team was represented in Manchester by Thunyathep Santhanavich and Patrick Würstle. The other two teams were from Virtual City Systems and CSI Piemonte. For the final result, the Virtual City Systems team had won first place in this competition. The judges stated that the HFT team came very close to the winning platform, and their innovative tool was a big win for the OGC.

Thunyathep Santhanavanich (thunyathep.santhanavanich@hft-stuttgart.de)

Patrick Würstle (patrick.wuerstle@hft-stuttgart.de)

Rosanny Sihombing (rosanny.sihombing@hft-stuttgart.de)

Preston Rodriguez (preston.rodrigues@hft-stuttgart.de)