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Digital Library

Please note: Licensed digital content is usually available on campus or via VPN connection only.
For most of these catalogues, an English interface is available. Look for flag symbols or drop-down menus.

Database information system (DBIS)
Index of all licensed and free-to-use bibliographic and full-text databases.
Please note: This part of the website is available in German only. You can find links to all databases containing English information lower on this page.

A complete index of all e-books purchased by the library is only available using the catalogue. Limit your search to e-books by using the "Type of item" menu in the advanced search form.

Electronic Journals
Access to electronic journals, free-to-use as well as licensed by the library.

ACM Digital Library
Access to full-texts of publications of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): Journals, proceedings, newsletters, reviews, special interest groups etc.

Perinorm - German standards (DIN)
This library provides access to data published by the German Institute for Standardization. Using the database "Perinorm", you can look up full-texts on all valid DIN- and VDI-standards.

ScienceDirect College Edition
The library license for this database contains the collection "Physical Sciences and Engineering" and provides access to a large number of scientific periodicals.

Online records German and European legal texts, ordinances, administrative regulations and technical rules for industrial law and environmental protection. Full-texts are provided.

WISO offers a variety of literature in the fields of economic and social sciences in German. Cooperation with major publishers and scientific institutes enable a unique portfolio of high quality content and therefore relevant literature for both studies and job.


If this is your first time working with databases licensed by this library, we recommend you read the database pointers.
You can find definitions of terms and expressions you may encounter during research in the Glossary.

For our most popular databases you can download detailed tutorials aimed at helping you achieve precise results.