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The information center supervises 6 PC-Pools and 3 PC-Training rooms.
Software installed in the PC-Pools: Software list

Room reservations PC-Pools

The room reservations are posted next to each PC-Pool or can be viewed via LSF:
PC-Pools: 2/014, 2/011, 2/103, 2/201, 2/229, 2/329
PC-Training rooms: 2/021, 2/114, 2/233

Opening hours

The PC-Pools are equipped with a timed access control system. They are open at the following times:

Monday–Friday: 7am –7 pm.

From 7–11 pm and on Saturday 7–11 pm access is possible with activated student ID card. On Sunday the university is closed.

Access to PC-Pools outside opening hours / Campus access

The entrances to the buildings and the PC-Pools are equipped with an access control system using a card reader.
The campus access depends on your study programme.

Student IDs will be automatically activated at the beginning of the semester. If there are any problems, please refer to the Lutz Benecke (lutz.benecke@hft-stuttgart.de).

Campus access for all students
Access building 1 (via courtyard)
Access building 2 (via Schellingstr.)
Access building 10 (Lautenschlagerstraße)
Access building 4
Rooms 1/106, 1/108, 1/109, 1/110, 1/111
Campus access depends on the study programme
Faculty / Programme Building
Architecture and Design
(all programmes)
Access building 3,
Rooms 3/114, 3/115, 3/124
Programme Master Architecture additional room 3/301 and room 3/311
Programme Bachelor Architecture additional room 3/312
Civil Engineering, Building Physics and Business Management (all programmes) Rooms: 2/011, 2/229, 2/233, 2/329
Geomatics, Computer Science and Mathematics (all programmes) Rooms: 2/011, 2/201, 2/229, 2/233, 2/329, 2/333, 2/430, 2/433, 2/505
Programme Bachelor Information Logistics additional room 2/260