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Information Center

The Information Center (IZ) acts as a hub which enables departments responsible for the provision of information as well as the processing of communication and information at HFT Stuttgart to work together closely and cooperatively.

The Info & Support Counter in the library is run by the IZ and represents the university’s central information point. The Info & Support Team is available to assist all members of the university with any questions or problems involving the library or the university’s IT resources.

The IZ consists of three departments responsible for the following tasks:

  • Library

    The Library is tasked with the provision of literature, media and information required by students, teaching staff and researchers. It is located in Building 2 (Bau 2) and open to members of the university as well as other interested parties. The Library currently holds a print collection of around 42,000 items (including 125 periodicals) as well as an extensive range of electronic media in the form of e-journals, e-books and databases.

  • IT-Basic Services & Support

    The IT-Basic Services & Support department (IT-B) is responsible for operating the university’s basic IT infrastructure and the university’s email system, supervising computer rooms and setting up and maintaining client systems required by the university’s administrative departments and business courses (Faculty B). This includes the operation of the university network, wi-fi infrastructure, VPN access points and the VoIP telephone system. The IT-B department also provides IT support, and in particular answers questions about systems and services provided through the IZ. IT support staff also assist students with the configuration of laptops and other mobile devices.

  • IT-Online Services

    The IT-Online Services department (IT-O) is responsible for all issues related to the internet, web design, e-learning. This includes the maintenance of the core section of the HFT Stuttgart website and the online implementation of the university’s corporate identity. E-learning resources range from the Moodle learning management system and the automated lecture recording suite. The IT-O department is also responsible for a variety of online applications which provide students and teaching staff with 24/7 support in areas ranging from online registration and lecture timetables to examination management.


Director Information Center

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wanner
Phone +49 (0)711 8926 2527
Room 2/018

Head librarian

Petra Sperling
Phone +49 (0)711 8926 2930
Room 2/037.1

Head of IT-Basic Services and Support

Hans-Peter Heppel
Phone +49 (0)711 8926 2952
Room 2/044

Head of IT-Online Services

Lutz Faber
Phone +49(0)711 8926 2937
Room 2/052