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Evaluating educational quality

The optimization of the interplay between teaching staff, students and institutional and programme-specific conditions leads to a high level of educational quality. HFT Stuttgart uses a set of carefully coordinated evaluation instruments to continuously document and assess the various aspects of the education provided by the university. The aim is to identify and correct potential problems at an early stage and in turn keep educational quality at a high level.

HFT Stuttgart’s Quality Management department currently holds central responsibility for the coordination of the following survey and measuring instruments:

  • Evaluation of lectures and seminars
  • Higher education quality survey
  • Graduate surveys
  • Key performance indicators

HFT Stuttgart also participates in various other surveys, for example those carried out by CHE Ranking.

Further information on individual evaluation instruments and corresponding results are available in Moodle (only accessible to members of the university).

The aforementioned instruments are supplemented by additional measures targeted at either specific programmes (e.g. measures initiated by the respective Study Commission) or other areas.