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Suggested improvements

TIL – TippsIdeenLösungen

Nobody’s perfect…. We therefore have the following message for all members, friends and patrons of our university: Tell us what you think! We can only improve something if we know about it.

Members of the university are requested to submit feedback using the contact form (login required).

Alumni, friends and patrons are invited to send an email to the following address: TIL-Verbesserungsvorschlaege@hft-stuttgart.de.

Founded in October 2010, the TIL initiative gives students, teaching and non-teaching staff the opportunity to become actively involved in creating a more efficient, more effective university environment by submitting their opinions and ideas.

All suggestions are discussed with the relevant members of staff and checked by our quality management officers in term of their practicality. Suggestions are anonymized before being discussed with internal experts. The results of that discussion are then communicated back to the person who made the suggestion. The speed with which suggestions can be implemented is dependent on their complexity: Some can be put into practice at short notice with a minimum of fuss; others require clearance from the University Board. We also regularly receive suggestions which are constructive and sensible in principle but unfortunately cannot be implemented under the prevailing circumstances.

The way in which TIL has been used to date shows both our students and staff to be full of ideas. A comprehensive report on TIL is available in the Moodle course „TIL–TippsIdeenLösungen“ (login required).

By submitting their thoughts and ideas the various members of HFT Stuttgart contribute to a process of continuous development and improvement which maintains and enhances our status as an attractive place to study. We therefore look forward to many more constructive, creative suggestions in the future!