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Current Projects

i_city-Impulsprojekt >>
Intelligent city
KS_Emod_opt >>
Increased sound insulation of CaSi-walls using optimisation of production parameters to increase youns modulus

Closed Projects

Auftragsforschung Akustik >>
Research Project Collection
Auftragsforschung Akustik
Development of a planning tool for the energy-optimized renovation of windows in historic buildings
Enotec >>
Development of novel materials and components for the energetic optimization of moisture, lighting and heating technologies in buildings
FensterCheck >>
Developing a novel assessment tool for the energy-saving potential offered by windows (glazing, frames and joints) as part of refurbishment projects
Functionalised membrane structures for energy-efficient retrofitting of buildings
Development of very tight casing for use with inexpensive fill material for vacuum insulation panels in construction.
Hybrid-Stoßstellen >>
Vibration reduction index of T-junctions with cross laminated timber walls and concrete slabs
Körperschallübertragung >>
Structureborne sound transmission of washing machines in buildings - laboratory investigations of structure-borne sound using measurements of washing machines on a combined test bench
Energy-optimized construction – Membrane constructions for energy-saving renovation of buildings (MESG)
PC-Cools >>
Modeling of heat transfer mechanisms in a room with cooling surfaces with novel heat exchange media
PCM-Demo >>
Development and Practical Performance Tests of Building Components with PCM in Showcase Buildings
Prognose Schallübertragung >>
Prediction of sound transmission of shower units in buildings
Sanierung Altbau >>
Energy-saving and acoustic renovation of residential buildings – from premodern style building to acoustically-optimized passive house
Schallschutz Doppel-/Reihenhäuser >>
Certifying the level of sound insulation offered by double-layered partition walls in detached and semi-detached houses
Schalltechnische Optimierung >>
Optimization of shower units regarding sound transmission
SoFt >>
Double-layer membrane construction with low-e coating for a translucent roof above the new sports centre in Fürth
Trittschallminderung >>
Characterization and influence of rubber interlayers on impact sound reduction of floating toppings
Optimizing vacuum insulated panels in terms of their lifespan and areas of application