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Current Projects

3ProzentPlus >>
Drei Prozent Plus - Implementation of the energy-efficient renovation roadmap for municipal districts
CIGS-Fassade >>
Facade integrated Photovoltaic with CIGS technology (CIGS_facade)
CoSo >>
Development of measures to promote energy saving and efficiency contracting in social institutions
EcoRZ >>
Sustainable Data Center
ENsource II >>
Centre of applied research urban energy systems and resource efficiency
EnSys-LE >>
The project focuses on local energy markets and their interlinkages with superregional markets. Based on economic analysis of the respective market, a modelling framework for coupling decentralized and centralized energy markets with a high degree of detail will be developed and applied.
INtegrated analysis and modeling for the management of sustainable urban FWE ReSOURCEs
i_city-Impulsprojekt >>
Intelligent city
i_city-Management >>
i_city: smart city Management project to long-term establish HFT's smart city research in the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region.
i_city-MUSI  >>
Multi-scale Urban Scenario Interface
PVT-RESyst >>
The Adaptability of PhotoVoltaic-Thermal Collectors to Increase the Share of REnewable Energy Production for Heating-, Cooling-, and Electric-Energy in Systems of Buildings
Sim4Blocks >>
Simulation Supported Real Time Energy Management in Building Blocks
SimStadt 2.0 >>
3D Simulation of urban Energy Sytems
Smart2Charge >>
SmartGrid-capable, intelligent e-charging infrastructure for rural areas - planning and implementation, acceptance and economic efficiency, taking the community of Wüstenrot as an example.

Closed Projects

bedPV >>
Predicting heating requirements and analyzing the potential offered by PV when planning buildings and districts
BMBF Automation >>
Simulation-Supported Automation for Sustainable Air-Conditioning of Buildings in summer
Case Study Efficient LB >>
Case Study Energy Efficient City Ludwigsburg
Concept development, testing and simulation-assisted optimization of the measuring, control and regulation module
CI-NERGY Smart cities with sustainable energy systems
European PhD program on sustainable energy management
CITYtrans >>
Energy efficient city transformation - building up a bilateral network to develop 3D urban model planning tools, zero-carbon strategies, integration of renewables, transformation and optimization of urban energy systems
DiReg >>
Analysis of a direct solar-regenerated liquid desiccant system for air conditioning systems in residential buildings
Drei Prozent Projekt >>
Three percent project
Drei Prozent Projekt
EffBioKWK >>
Optimisation of cogeneration plants based on biomass combustion
Concept development, experimental investigations and modelling of the ice store prototype.
EnEff:Stadt >>
EnEff:Stadt Ludwigsburg, Grünbühl/Sonnenberg – an integrated district energy concept for a new-build estate and a post-war estate
Energiegerechte Stadtentwicklung >>
Pilot Project 'Energy-Equitable City Development Munich Freiham/ Neuaubing'
Building sustainability and energy efficiency (ENNA)
EnnEff Stadt Impuls >>
Preliminary research as part of the EnEff:Stadt project
EnnEff Stadt Impuls
EnQuBa >>
A district energy concept for the Baroque city of Ludwigsburg – balancing energy-related, aesthetic and infrastructural aspects at a listed architectural monument
EnSign >>
Living Lab for a climate-neutral city campus
EnSim >>
Efficient Use of Buildings Through Simulation-aided Automation (ENSIM)
ENsource >>
Centre of applied research urban energy systems and resource efficiency
Energy Savings in Urban Quarters through Rehabilitation and New Ways of Energy Supply - EnSURE
EnViSaGe >>
Communal on-grid energy supply – a vision for 2020 using the example of the community of Wüstenrot
EnVisaGe Plus >>
EnVisaGe Plus EnVisaGe – Communal net based energy supply– Vision 2020 on the example of the Community Wüstenrot, project phase III. Monitoring, control optimization and further analyses and implementations for a smart electricity grid and new built district heating systems
EnVisaGe Plus
FKZ 0327430N >>
An energy-plus school for Rostock – provision of scientific support as part of the Gymnasium NORD beacon project
Fifth generation, Low temperature, high EXergY district heating and cooling NETworkS
Gebäudebetrieb >>
Lessening Environmental Impact through the Operation of Sustainable Buildings and Districts
GenSAp >>
Concepts for sustainable energetic refurbishment and architectural refinement of nursing homes.
geomatrix.bw >>
Year-round Use of Geothermal Energy for Heating and Cooling Buildings – geomatrix.bw
Geothermie >>
Sustainable Heating and Cooling with Solar Diffusion-Absorption technology in Connection with the Use of Geothermal Energy
Towards Zero fossil CO2 emission in the European food and beverage industry in short
Holistic energy-efficient retrofitting of residential buildings
iNSPiRE >>
Development of Systemic Packages for Deep Energy Renovation of Residential and Tertiary Buildings including Envelope and Systems
InSun >>
Industrial Process Heat by Solar Collectors
IntBioCHP >>
System integration of biomass fired cogeneration plans.
KLIMA-SEK Phase 1 >>
Turning Ludwigsburg into a carbon-neutral community
Klimagerät mit Flüssigsorption >>
Development of a Sorption-aided Air-conditioner with Liquid Sorption
KonLuft >>
Controlled natural ventilation for energy-efficient buildings
Konvektionstrocknungsanlage >>
Development of a convection drying system featuring air-drying functionality based on the use of liquid sorbents regenerated with the aid of solar thermal energy
Licht und Luft, Plus-Energie-Haus-Standard >>
Plus-energy standard home of the homeowner association “Licht und Luft” in Tübingen-Lustnau
Licht und Luft, Plus-Energie-Haus-Standard
NightCool >>
Development of low cost renewable cooling and heating systems for Egyptian buildings
Energy networks in sustainable cities
PVT HeatCool >>
Heating and cooling buildings using multivalent PVT collectors
RecoORC >>
Heat Recovery by an Organic-Rankine-Cycle
ReFlex >>
Replicability Concept for Flexible Smart Grids
The resource-efficient buildings of the day after tomorrow
Sanierung Altbau >>
Energy-saving and acoustic renovation of residential buildings – from premodern style building to acoustically-optimized passive house
Consultancy services and the simulation of a building and its technical systems for a competition entry submitted by HTWG Konstanz
SEE >>
Evaluation of Baden-Württemberg’s appearance at the 8th South-East European Congress & Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies
Sharp Photovoltaikanlagen >>
The evaluation and simulation of SHARP PV systems
Energy analyses for city districts
Simulation Bosch >>
Simulation of the Bosch office complex “Si125” in Schwieberdingen
SoFt >>
Double-layer membrane construction with low-e coating for a translucent roof above the new sports centre in Fürth
Solare Klimatisierung >>
Solar-Powered Air-Conditioning with Thermal Middle Temperature Solar Collectors
Solare Kühlung Stuttgart >>
Solar cooling at the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of State in Stuttgart
SolaRück >>
Efficient heat exchange options for cooling systems powered by solar thermal energy
EU-PhD program, SOLNET - Advanced Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings
SorpStor >>
Developing an air-based, thermochemical liquid sorption storage system for cooling, heating and drying applications Subproject: Conceptualization, system development and performance analysis
Sorptionsgestützte Klimatisierung >>
Sustainable sorption-supported air conditioning and dehumidification with ionic liquid
Urban Energy Systems for Zero-carbon Cities >>
International collaboration and partnership Stuttgart - New York on “Urban Energy Systems for Zero-carbon Cities”
Urban Energy Systems for Zero-carbon Cities
Wärmenetz-Optimierung >>
Optimizing energy-efficient heat grids
WeBest >>
Web-based energy efficiency simulations for building owners
Research based learning for ZERO CARBON CITIES