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Energy Concepts for Buildings and Communities

The “Research Group for Energy Concepts for Buildings and Communities” focuses on the development of integrative energy concepts. Energy concepts are developed and implemented in building and communal projects and then optimised during their operation with the aid of simulation tools.

The focal research topics include using regenerative energy for the on-grid heating and air-conditioning supply of areas with high energy standards. In conjunction, other topics being researched (among others) are: thermal cooling methods, the simulation of buildings’ technical systems during their operation and innovative building energy concepts including innovative insulation concepts. Concepts for central heat supply networks for new as well as existing buildings are being analysed, evaluated and optimised with regard to their future viability.

In addition, simulated models are being developed using 2D and 3D GIS city models to calculate and predict the heating energy demand for entire urban districts. These models are also to be used to analyse reconstruction scenarios, as well as to enable a more intelligent operation of the innovative district heating networks.  

The research group is currently working on the following projects: