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Energy Management and Building Automation

The “Research Group for Energy Management and Building Automation” at zafh.net Stuttgart is working on the topic of forward-looking construction and operation of buildings and their systems under consideration of the entire life cycle.

The variables in the economical and resource-conserving operation of buildings are numerous and in part, interconnected. For a finished building, the architecture, the materials used, the physical parameters, the chosen energy concept and the technical equipment have been predetermined and can only be changed through time-intensive and costly renovation or reconstruction. Therefore, building simulation that is tailored to the building’s use is essential for efficient management of the building and thereby for its economic and resource-conserving operation. Only with early and simultaneous consideration of all of the influential factors does there arise the opportunity to create future proof buildings that are flexible and efficient to plan, build and operate. At the same time it is of great importance that the automation and information technologies used are applied with the well-being of the building’s users in mind and with the goal of ensuring a comfortable working and living environment.

The research group is currently working on the following projects: