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Centre for Sustainable Urban Development

For more than 10 years Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christina Simon-Philipp has conducted applied reasearch in the areas of urban and regional planning, urban development and urban regeneration at the Centre for Sustainable Urban Development at HFT Stuttgart. Together with her staff team she mainly focus on climate justice, energy efficiency, urban regeneration, urban planning, housing and neighborhood development. The joint project group of urban planners and architects addresses fundamental issues of territorial development as well as specific problems within planning processes such as interaction between stakeholders or effects on different sub areas. The selection of relevant topics is strongly aligned with the academic curriculum and research content of the Bachelor and Master programmes of Architechture, Urban Planning and Infrastructural Management offered at the HFT Stuttgart. For further information on current and past research activities of the Centre for Sustainable Urban Development please click here.

In order to enable practical research the Centre closely collaborates with local and regional project partners as for example the „Verband Region Stuttgart“ including its associated communities or with foundations as the „Wuestenrot Stiftung“. This ensures including real life problems into the scope of work and supports deriving solutions for existing planning projects. In addition to the local and regional focus cooperations with national and international project partners are established and sustained as well. Due to the growing importance of interdisciplinary research many topics are also worked on together with professors and staff members from other research institutes. Therefore, the Centre for Sustainable Urban Development and the other five competence centres at the HFT Stuttgart jointly do research in the focus “Energy Efficient Buildings and Sustainable Urban Development”. This is one of two research focuses of HFT Stuttgart which have been approved by the German Rectors‘ Conference and which combines highly integrated urban development concepts with simulation or GIS based scenarios.

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