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Services and Focal Subjects

Here you will find examples for assignments from the last few years:


  • Geotechnical laboratory tests
  • Training on concrete technology
  • Development of environmentally-friendly materials
  • Monitoring of deformation of motorway bridges using laser scanning
  • Deformation measurements for power stations
  • Contactless deformation measurements
  • Determination of the vibration characteristics of high towers
  • Surveying of unstable slopes using GPS
  • Measurement of building deformation using interference
  • Analysis of the behaviour of Muschelkalk chip concrete with special exposures
  • Distortion-accurate construction survey with CAD imaging of half-timbered constructions
  • Appraisal and CAD documentation of industrial buildings
  • Documentation and 3D visualisation of historical constructions
  • Development of contactless 3D coordinate measurement technology
  • GPS networks in road constructions
  • Data recording for graphical information systems
  • Use of digital maps and GPS navigation devices in traffic control stations
  • DGPS measurements for environment information systems
  • Development and creation of comfort measuring equipment for a surface heating system


  • Thermal insulation of windows
  • Market opportunities of technical software
  • Development of an electronic measuring wheel
  • Final cover of base plates
  • Positioning of bored pile foundations