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From the State School of Construction to the State School of Civil Engineering

1924 Renamed the Higher State Construction School
Known as the Württemberg School of Construction since 1918, the name was changed again in 1924. A year later the School Certificate became a requirement for admission owing to the increasing demands of education.
1938 Renamed the State School of Construction Stuttgart
Following standardisation within Germany the Higher State School was renamed State School of Construction Stuttgart. Its reputation as an advanced educational centre for civil engineering extended far beyond the borders of Württemberg.
1944 Destruction of the school buildings
During the second World War and the post war period lectures continued in temporary premises throughout the town.
1947 Reconstruction of the school
Professor Rudolf Lempp (1887 – 1981) began his tenure as Director and rebuilt the heavily damaged State School of Construction. Through Professor Lempp the school regained its reputation as a leading educational centre for civil engineering.
1951 Founding of the „Association of Friends of the State School of Construction“
The „Friends“ sponsor the School financially, offer advice and assistance and provide help in locating accommodation. Today the association is officially registered as the „Association of Friends of the State School of Construction“.
1953 New Director
Professor Karl Gonser (1902 – 1979) was appointed Director of the School of Construction. He implemented a fundamental change in the curriculum whereby the education of architects and civil engineers was divided into two separate programmes.
1963 Joseph-von-Egle Hall of Residence
Close to the State School the „Friends“ built for students the 99 bed Joseph-von-Egle Hall of Residence.