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Study catalogue (ECTS-Points)


Curricula of the programmes offered by the HFT Stuttgart, specified by Bachelor- and Master programme.

The curriculum contains ECTS-Points (CP- Credit Points). 1 credit is the equivalent to 30 h of student's workload.
European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) makes study programmes easy to read and compare for all students, local and foreign. ECTS makes European higher education more attractive for students from abroad.

The flags indicate the language in which the programme is held.
For programmes held in German, the curriculum usually is available in German.


Bachelor programme
German flag Architecture (Curriculum in English)
German flag Building Physics
German flag Bachelor Business Administration (Curriculum in English)
German flag Business Psychology
German flag Civil Engineering
German flag Civil Engineering and Business Management
German flag Computer Science
German flag Information Logistics
German flag Infrastrukturmanagement
German flag Interior Design (Curriculum in English)
German flag KlimaEngineering
German flag Management Information Systems
German flag Mathematics
German flag Surveying and Geoinformatics


Master programme
German flag Architecture (Curriculum in English)
German flag Civil Engineering/ Tunnel Building
German flag Environmental Protection (Curriculum in English)
German flag General Management (Curriculum in English)
German flag Interior-Architectural Design (IMIAD)
German flag Mathematics
Curriculum Full-time
Curriculum Part-time
English flag International Project Management
English flag Photogrammetry and geoinformatics
English flag Software technology
Curriculum Full-time
Curriculum Part-time
German flag Structural Engineering
German flag Surveying
German flag Sustainable Energy Competence (Curriculum in English)
German flag Urban Planning