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Success Stories

Alvand Miraliakbari  >>

When I was six years old, I received a camera as a present from my parents. Photography has been my hobby since then and in a way, this present showed me the way to my professional dedication: photogrammetry.

Nationality: Iranian - Azad University Teheran, Surveying Engineering

Alvand Miraliakbari

Yu Ninagawa  >>

To tell the truth, I had been nervous just before leaving Japan. I was afraid of having language problems. But within a week after I had arrived in Stuttgart I changed my mind. Because the first week was really brilliant. It was not difficult to make friends.

Nationality: Japanese - Kyoto Institute of Technology, Department of Architecture

Yu Ninagawa

Charmie Kapashi  >>

Being a student of Interior Architecture, the wide range of architectural sites in Europe, both modern and classic, attracted me the most to go for an exchange to Stuttgart.

Nationality: Indian - CEPT University, Ahmedabad - Interior Architecture

Charmie Kapashi

Laetitia Bataillie  >>

Studieren in Stuttgart war für mich eine sehr interessante Erfahrung. Es war eine Zeit zu lernen, denken, und die Welt anders zu sehen. Hier anzukommen war sehr einfach! Ein „Buddy“ holte uns bei unserer Ankunft ab und half uns, alle administrativen Probleme zu lösen.

Nationalität: Französisch – École d’Architecture et de Paysage de Bordeaux


Michael Johnson  >>

I can’t fail to be satisfied with what I have learnt. In study, I have gone a long way to achieving my aims; specific relationships with professors made me aware of how important professionalism was in the world of design.

Nationality: British - Glasgow School of Art, Interior Design

Michael Johnson

Ilaria La Manna  >>

I have really enjoyed studying at the FHT Stuttgart, especially because of our close working relationships with the professors. They are very friendly and are always encouraging us to be creative.

Nationality: Italian - Università di Roma La Sapienza facoltà di architettura "Valle Giulia"

Ilaria La Manna

Neill Mackay

Stuttgart is an amazing city right in the heart of Europe. It has a very live atmosphere. The students and staff are all very friendly and welcoming. I could not have had an exchange in a better place. Stuttgart has given me lots of inspiration to return home with.

Edinburgh College of Art - BA (Hons) Furniture & Product Design

Neill Mackay

Cathryn Bowles  >>

Studying at the HFT - Stuttgart has been an experience of a lifetime! Everything about this institution is "student-friendly", which creates an extremely enjoyable atmosphere within which to work and learn and really allows one to feel part of the HFT.

Interior Design Student - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Cathryn Bowles

Lauren McKinlay

Studying at the HFT in Stuttgart has been a great experience. The design courses here allow you to be very creative and encourage you to try new things and have some fun with it. I have found that the professors and staff to be very helpful and are very happy to accommodate your studying needs. Everyone is very friendly and within no time you feel you fit in fine!

ECA Edinburgh


Margrete Landrø  >>

It is good to be a design student in Stuttgart. This because its a city with a lot to offer on the creative side. Design is everywhere and it is impossible not to get inspired by the beautiful city.

ECA Edinburgh

Margrete Landrø

Anna Bladh  >>

Being an erasmus student is a great oppurtunity. to be part of a different culture is something that is very usefull to experience both for me personaly and for my future within a job.

ECA Edinburgh

Anna Bladh

Sami Eria  >>

A show of appreciation for the work done by the International Students Office

Master Photogrammetry & Geoinformatics


Farooq Muhammad

I like studying at the Hochschule für Technik because of it’s expertise in Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics and the fact that the courses are held in Englisch.

Nationality: Pakistani - Master Photogrammetry & Geoinformatics

Farooq Muhammad

Moses Gone  >>

Studying in HFT Stuttgart begins with the signing of you admission letter! From that point henceforth you become an esteemed member of the HFT community.

Nationality: Kenian - Master Photogrammetry & Geoinformatics

Moses Gone

Sudhir Saseedharan

The clockwise precision with is creative wild side makes Stuttgart a perfect place for a design student like me to study in.

Nationality: Indian - Bachelor Interior Design

Sudhir Saseedharan

Ayse Miray Gemi

Mir gefällt mein Studium an der Hochschule für Technik, weil man hier die praktische und die theoretische Seite der Materie kennenlernt. An Stuttgart mag ich, dass die Stadt kulturell so viel bietet und man sehr viele Möglichkeiten hat seine Freizeit zu gestalten. Obwohl Stuttgart sehr städtisch und lebendig ist, ist die Stadt trotzdem sicher und alles ist gut organisiert.

Nationality: Turkish - Istanbul Technical University, Bauphysik

Ayse Miray Gemi