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German Language Courses

International exchange students enrolling for our degree programmes taught in German language are advised to prepare up to a German language course level of B1 or higher in order to be able to follow course lectures.

Our language courses are part of the university language course cooperation program VESPA. By facilitating structures in the field of language learning VESPA supports universities in their international orientation.

Exchange students from partner universities can apply by filling in the part "German Intensive Course" in the application form.

International degree seeking students may apply online via VESPA.

Certification as well as accreditation for exchnage students is based on mandatory attendance and successful completion of a final language test, to get into the next higher course level.

Intensive language courses

German Levels A1-B2

Course duration: 18 days, Mo - Fr / 72 course units (4 x 45 minutes/ day)
Starting dates: mid February or beginning of September (four weeks before semester begin)
Costs: 100 Euro + course book
ECTS: 3 credit points for exchange students (based upon attendance and successful completion of the course)

Semester courses

German Levels A1-C1

Course duration: 12 days, every Wednesday / 48 hours (4x 45 minutes per week)
Starting date: mid March or beginning of October
Costs: 50 Euro (free for exchange students from partner universities and degree seeking students from ST and PG) + course book /> ECTS: 2 credit points for Exchange/Partner students (based upon attendance and successful completion of the course)