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Student Dormitory Application

The International Student Office (ISO) supports the application process for accommodation in local dormitories of the student housing association (Studierendenwerk Stuttgart). Students must enter their data into the online database of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart and confirm their data entry via the confirmation link in their notification email. Only then the housing application can be registered and processed in due order. After registration students should submit their registration number via the accommodation feedback form to the International Student Office.

HFT does not provide on-campus accommodation due to the restricted space of our city center location. Housing is provided by the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart based on availability at dormitories distributed across the city. International students must complete their online housing application processs via the website of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. They may then submit their completed accommodation feedback form to the International Student Office to confirm their successful accommodation application.

You can download our Accommodation Feedback form on the right. Please read the  accommodation conditions carefully!

Rents for single rooms in student houses within Stuttgart and surroundings range between EUR 300 and EUR 375. Private rooms or individual flats in Stuttgart usually cost more. In general, students will need about EUR 750 per month to cover their living expenses.

  • Rent: approx. EUR 300 to EUR 375 per month
  • Health insurance: approx. EUR 90 per month
  • Semester Ticket for public transport: approx. EUR 210 per semester
  • Food: approx. EUR 180 per month
  • Miscellaneous costs: approx. EUR 150 per month

Rental of a dormitory room includes furniture, internet access (wireless or per network cable), also bed linen (duvet, pillow, duvet cover, pillow case, sheet) which is supplied for a one time fee by the caretakers of the student residences. Every student residence provides washing machines and tumble dryers which can be used with chipcards.

The number of room requests by far outnumbers the amount of rooms available to students. Therefore, no room guarantee can be given. It may take the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart up to six months or more from the time of registration to allocate a room to you!