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Master's Theses

CoCo - Connecting Community Hub

Already, half of the world’s population lives in cities, and by 2050 it is expected to be more than two-thirds. This means that the urban space is becoming increasingly condensed and the living space is reduced to a minimum. This problem is also faced by Stuttgart, the city with the fourth largest population density in Germany.

The progress of urbanization is further reinforced by Megatrends individualization, mobility and digitalization. Especially the younger generations live a flexible, flowing lifestyle, where one binds less quickly and shifts one’s center of life at shorter intervals. This makes it more difficult for the individual to establish a social network in addition to a daily work routine.

How do we deal with these problems and challenges of the future?
This master thesis aims to examine the relevant factors of this phenomenon and to look for an innovative, future-oriented and imaginative solution. The concept of the CoCo Hub was developed: A so-called third place, a “Connecting Community Hub” where private and public areas merge. At the CoCo Hub the focus is on the community, friendships are made and social interaction is promoted.

One of the club’s offerings is the CoCo Kitchen for members, which offers its users a holistic gastronomic concept in the center of Stuttgart, which can be enjoyed both during the day and in the evening, and a place where the community and the fun of cooking and enjoyment are at the forefront. In fully equipped kitchens that can be hired, can be cooked, experimented and communicated. In addition to the kitchens, the members of the CoCo Kitchen have a diverse and varied program of cooking classes with changing themes, tastings, lectures, etc. on differ­ent days.
In addition to the private CoCo Kitchen, a new, publicly accessible DIT (Do-It-Together) restau­rant concept is offered at the same location. This concept also focuses on common cooking and communication in the community.

Helene Hoffmann, IMIAD Alumna summer semester 2017