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Master's Theses


Utopia of a city in the refugee camp in Herrenberg

The highly increased number of people arriving to Germany in 2015 challenges German politics and public authorities. The lack of accommodation might be one of the largest tasks to solve, especially in autumn 2015, when the number of people arriving to Germany increased extremely. Therefore the capacities of accommodation were massively increased and multiple new facilities were established.
As a result, the former IBM-Education Campus in Herrenberg is supposed to be converted into a „First Accommodation Facility“ in Baden Württemberg.

The thesis develops the Utopia of a human place of arrival on the basis of the existing architectural structure. Instead of only referring to a minimum of fundamental needs, the inhabitants’ qualifications and needs defined the programming.
First of all, the basic accommodation system and the goods and services provided to refugees was defined. In the following, the inhabitants, their needs and qualifications were analyzed and defined a basic programme of layout. Finally, this basic program was transferred to the existing building by using the density of a city structure.
By using interior architectural measures, the value of a well-designed place of arrival was pointed out as well as the value of self-actualization being the catalyst of successful integration.

Janine Mirkes, IMIAD Alumna Summer semester 2016