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Master's Theses

Future Oil Rig
An alternative type of housing on the water

The face of our planet will change dramatically in the coming years - a result of overpopulation and climate change. Assuming that the growth rate will remain steady, about 11 billion people will live on the planet by the end of the century. The limitations of the planet, climate change, population growth and resource consumption, as well as the gradual rise in the sea level, compel us to radically rethink and implement innovative ideas.

The relocation due to land loss, especially in next to sea located metropolitan cities, is unavoidable in the foreseeable future. In this process, an abandoned oil rig is to be used for residential purposes.
After reviewing existing planning documents, a scenario for an autonomous city concept on the water is developed in this work. Particular consideration will be given to the integration of the existing infrastructure, resource conservation, sustainability and the needs of the inhabitants in about eight to ten decades.

In the following, the aspects of mobility, urban development, architecture and interior architecture as a concept for the structure of a city are transferred to the existing structure. An example of this is the possibility of successfully managing new habitats in terms of sustainability and the use of autonomous circuits.

Patricia Klier, IMIAD alumna summer semester 2017