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Student projects


In June 2016, a restaurant made entirely out of newspaper and serving international fusion cuisine opened for just one day at Galerie AK2, an art space on the corner of Alexanderstraße and Lorenzstaffel in Stuttgart.

The pop-up event was organized by students in the 2nd semester of the IMIAD programme. Each summer semester, a fruitful exchange programme sees us welcome IMIAD students from our partner universities and vice versa. In this case, the international students spending the semester at HFT Stuttgart used their Indian, Turkish and American backgrounds to define what food should be served at the event. PA.GÖZ.ILLA offered visitors the chance to blend ingredients typically found in paratha, gözleme and tortillas to create a unique fast food of their very own. All three recipes are based on the wrapping of ingredients in a flat, round type of bread.

Newspaper was identified as a suitable material for this ephemeral event. Guests sat and ate on the floor, on mats made of newspaper, at tables made of newspaper and beneath a false ceiling made of newspaper. The kitchen team also cooked sitting on the floor at a kitchen block made of newspaper.

Over 300 visitors made for a bustling, dynamic event. There was more than enough delicious food to go round, and the sounds of laughter and partying guests continued into the night.

Cooking zone, built with newspaper

Dining area