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International Workshops

Ahmedabad 2015: Conversation with Crafts

Four partner universities met in Ahmedabad for this two-week IMIAD International Workshop in September 2015. 50 students from Istanbul (ITU), Lugano (SUPSI), Stuttgart (HFT) and Ahmedabad (CEPT) spent two weeks working with craftsmen on a variety of projects.

The workshop began with a day of anniversary celebrations at CEPT University, which included a number of interesting talks by prestigious Indian architects. The students were divided into project teams on the same day, with each team responsible for investigating one of five materials – bamboo, wood, textiles, metal and clay. Craftsmen were also allocated to each team in order to support the students using their knowledge and expertise. On the second day, the students set off on a three-day side trip to Kutch district, where they visited the craftsmen’s workshops and gained insights into their crafts. Once back in Ahmedabad, it was time for the international teams to convert the insights gained into ideas which were in turn developed into new products in cooperation with the craftsmen. For the next week and a half, the teams tinkered, experimented, gesticulated and sweated as their concepts took shape.

The public exhibition held at the end of the project was used to both present the teams’ outstanding work and give the craftsmen an opportunity to advertise and sell their products. We all enjoyed our time in India a great deal, gaining a wealth of new experiences and, most importantly, forging new friendships.

The International Workshop forms part of the IMIAD programme. Held at the start of the third semester, the joint workshop takes place at a different location each year and involves the participation of all partner universities.