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International Workshops

Cincinnati 2017: STARTUPs, POP UPs and the Creative Class

Students from all over the world gathered for the summer workshop of the International Master of Interior Architectural Design (IMIAD) in Cincinnati Ohio at the beginning of July 2017. The students and professors from Ahmedabad, Lugano, Istanbul and Stuttgart were very warmly welcomed at the University of Cincinnati and housed directly on the large campus, which is equipped with countless buildings for sports and education.

This year's workshop was under the motto "Start Ups, Pop-Ups & the Creative Class". In seven different groups, all participants developed a pop-up concept for a start-up for two buildings in Cincinnati's emerging neighborhood Over-the-Rhine (OTR).
Each of the seven groups initially was allocated their own start-up with a very own business model: from a pretzel bakery, an alcoholic ice cream shop, the flower shop Urban Blooms and a winery through a juice bar, an outdoor shop and a candle maker everything was there. The first two days were mainly used to look at the buildings directly on site, to get to know the customers and, of course, the neighborhoods and the people who live there. And a visit to OTR is not complete without one (or more) beer in the young Craft Beer Rhine Geist Brewery!

In addition to the exciting work in international groups at the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) - which is located in a building designed by Peter Eisenmann - there were exciting lectures by a wide range of speakers. The topics of the lectures and inputs ranged from the history of OTR to the history and future of the portfolio and a lecture on 3D printing.
During a field trip at the half-time of the workshop, everyone had the opportunity to see the 3D print in large dimensions at the company Cincinnati Inc. and to examine the car printed by the company itself, a Cobra. Afterwards, the trip continued for everyone in a classic yellow, American school bus to a white river raft in Indiana. A perfect summer day and the time-out that everyone had needed.

In the second half of the workshop, the concepts had to be finished, models had to be built or 3D-printed and the final presentation wanted to be created. The latter then showed the diversity of the developed concepts. Each group had found a unique way to equip the partially same buildings with other features, depending on the individual needs of the startups.

After the final words of the UC professor and organizer of the workshop Hank Hildebrandt, the end of the ten days of hard work was celebrated together in the studio and later in Cincinnati, before everyone departed home or to continue travelling the next day.
The international workshop at the University of Cincinnati was perfectly organized and a great, educational experience for all participants. The opportunity to experience life at an American university and to work in international teams on a project abroad has inspired and enriched everyone.

We hope to see you soon in the IMIAD family in Stuttgart, Ahmedabad, Istanbul, Lugano or Cincinnati!

Senta Hajek, 3. Semester IMIAD, Winter semester 2017/18

College of Design, Architecture, Art and Urban Planning

IMIAD family

Oma's Pretzel Bakery

Alcoholic Ice Cream Shop

Urban Blooms

Off the Vine Cold pressed juices

Revel - Urban Winery

L'exterieur - The Outdoor Shop

Light Up Cincy