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Master Thesis

The Master Thesis is the final important component of the entire Postgraduate Master Programme. Beside of subsequently

described competences to be proved the choice of the right topic is releasing a process in which students gain
clarity about their future career in line with personal strengths, preferences and targets. Ideally a subject is selected
which connects with future employers or with specific chances in a certain market or region. Therefore, support and
coaching in this process is an essential element which consequently starts already in parallel to the learning units.


Learning Unit 11.1 Academic Writing / MT Proposal

Students will have the ability to:
• Critically appraise research undertaken by others
• Propose and justify a research proposal that will stand up to critical scrutiny
• Critically appraise the contribution primary and secondary data can make to research studies
• Synthesize research findings to improve the body of knowledge in Smart City Solutions

Learning Unit 11.2 Master Thesis

The Master Thesis Guidelines describe all details and requirements of the Master Thesis regarding scope, referencing, structure and approach. It also contains the criteria chart for the evaluation. Two Supervisors (1: academic / Prof. 2: professional context) are guiding the students during their work process starting from selection of an appropriate research subject.
Students will have the ability to:
• be mentally prepared for composing a scientific essay as opposed to their initial engineering specific project which was mainly based on practical work
• have the methodological knowledge and the practical skills required to commence and complete their master thesis independently, taking into consideration the lay-out, complexity, scientifically and required outcome
• be introduced to a master's thesis-theme proposal which relates to the acquired knowledge and the career perspectives of the student

Learning Unit 11.3 MT Presentation & Abstract

Mandatory part of the Master Thesis is the presentation in front of a public audience. With the delivery of the Master Thesis document an abstract is to be provided which will be made available on the Internet platform for research purposes. All Master Theses are collected at disposal within the HFT for further research as well.
Students will have the ability to:
• analyse and become more sensitive to the needs, knowledge and expectations of the target audience
• practise and assess current strengths and presentation skills
• communicate with greater clarity and power by using language which is accurate in structure, suitable in style and appropriate in vocabulary
• develop effective strategies for planning and preparation
• design dynamic, presentation-enhancing visual aids
• employ effective body language and voice production techniques
• deal confidently with questions, objections and interruptions