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Prospective Students

Bachelor programme Civil Engineering

Profile  <<
Start of degree: In the summer and winter semester
Application deadline: 15th July (winter semester), 15th January (summer semester)
Period of studies: 7 semesters
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
Master programme: Master of Engineering

Short description / Profile of the programme  <<

The job description of the civil engineer is diverse. The diverse tasks which await graduates today range from planning and development to construction management right up to project management and controlling. Civil engineers work in management positions in all areas of the building industry (production, sales, service), in construction companies and planning offices as well as in institutions and authorities of the communities.

Structure of the programme <<

The degree is divided into a two semester foundation course which ends with the Bachelor pre-examination and the five semester main course which is concluded with the Bachelor final examination. The foundation course includes the following modules: higher mathematics, mechanics, materials science, technical drawing, building physics, structural design, surveying, engineering geology and tunnel building, economy, law and management. The first part of the main course deals with the key areas of building mechanics, geotechnics, construction engineering, transport, water engineering, construction operation. The 5th semester is reserved for the supervised practical study project. Students should gain job related experience to supplement the teaching content of the theoretical study semesters in practice, in an engineering, planning or technical office or on the building site. In the second half of the main course, one of the study majors of construction engineering, water engineering and transport or construction management should be selected. Also, additional qualifications can be acquired during the degree e.g. the requirements to be a welding engineer and/or the skills to become the manager of a concrete test centre.

The degree is concluded by the Bachelor thesis, in which an extensive task will be worked on independently. Apart from practical projects, scientifically designed systematic and methodical works can also be carried out. Furthermore interdisciplinary tasks with other specialist engineers or architects in the scope of regional or national competitions are also offered. International papers at partner universities or in globally operating companies underline the topicality and the diverse possibilities of the Civil Engineering degree at HFT Stuttgart.

Requirements <<

General university entrance qualification, subject related university entrance qualification, University of Applied Sciences entrance qualification or equivalent foreign educational achievements. Before the start of the degree, a pre-study internship of at least 13 weeks must be completed. Only skilled manual work on a building site or in a similar operation will be accepted.

Prospects <<

Civil engineers work in management positions in all areas of the building industry, in construction companies and planning offices as well as in institutions and authorities of the communities, the state and the Federation. The cross section oriented composition of the degree and the acquired competences enable the students to be successful in their later profession, not only in the selected study major but also in other fields of civil engineering. The degree stands out due to the depth of training and practical orientation. The professional prospects of our graduates are particularly good. A further qualification in the form of a Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) is also possible for our graduates.

Master programmes:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering/ Tunnel Building
  • International Project Management
  • Urban Planning

Internationality  <<

For students of HFT Stuttgart there are contacts with over 70 partner universities worldwide. You can find an up to date list on our home page. The academic international office of the university is available to help you to prepare and plan a stay abroad. There is an opportunity - according to the course - to complete the supervised practical study project or a study semester abroad.

Accreditation <<

The accreditation council of ASIIN assessed the Bachelor programme in Civil Engineering in an external audit. The programme was successfully accredited. Therefore the course in Civil Engineering corresponds to the high qualitative requirements of the new two stage European education system in polytechnics and universities.

Contact <<

Telefon +49 (0) 711 8926 2705
Fax +49 (0) 711 8926 2913
Schellingstr. 24, 70174 Stuttgart