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Civil Engineering

At Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences study courses are characterized by depth of training and close relationship to practice. Optimal support by professors is guaranteed at all times due to the limited number of students. Often a specialization and setting individual priorities is possible already in the Bachelor's degree.

Civil engineers accompany construction projects from the planning, design and construction to completion and billing for construction services. For this extensive knowledge construction and statics, building physics and the appropriate legal and safety regulations is needed. You can find civil engineers in management positions of all sectors of the construction industry, such as construction companies and planning offices, institutions and authorities of the municipalities, states and government. The Bachelor degree course in civil engineering offers the focus on structural engineering, water and transportation and construction management.

The Bachelor program Infrastructure Management combines the course contents of civil engineering with topics from urban planning, energy supply and project management. The budding infrastructure managers are educated to optimally combine the interfaces between the project stakeholders. Potential employers are infrastructure businesses like public utilities and transportation, utility companies and the public sector.

Graduates of the Bachelor program Civil Engineering and Business Management are educated in a combination of study content from civil engineering and from business administration both on the energy-efficient development of building projects, as well as the economic property management. Through the holistic view on the planning and construction and the facility management, they are qualified for taking on management tasks in the construction and real estate industry.

After a successful Bachelor degree, in addition to possibilities in practice a series of consecutive Master courses are available to deepen the knowledge. The Master course Civil Engineering/Tunnel Building educates students for tasks with constructive-geotechnical focus.  

In the Master course structural Engineering, graduates of Bachelor Civil Engineering can deepen their skills in planning and construction of complex engineering structures.

The transport-related curriculum of the Bachelor's degree are picked up and deepened in the Master program of Transportation Infrastructure Management. All modes of transport and the different forms of mobility are included in these master courses.

The Masters of Environmental Protection, International Project Management and Urban Planning are also available for graduates of a Bachelor of engineering.


Bachelor- and Master programme

The flags indicate the language in which the programme is held.

German flag Bachelor Civil Engineering   |   Profile in english
German flag Bachelor Civil Engineering and Business Management   |   Profile in english
German flag Bachelor Infrastructure Management   |   Profile in english
German flag Master Civil Engineering/ Tunnel Building   |   Profile in english
German flag Master Structural Engineering   |   Profile in english
English flag Master International Project Management
German flag Master Urban Planning   |   Profile in english
German flag Master Environmental Protection   |   Profile in english
German flag Master Transportation Infrastructure Management