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Building Physics

Climate protection, energy efficiency, sparing use of resources and increasing demands on noise and heat insulation are presenting ever new challenges for building planning. In response to the increasing complexity in construction and the growing demand for well-educated and trained specialists, in particular regarding heat and noise insulation, HFT Stuttgart offers an independent Building Physics bachelor programme – the only programme of its kind in Germany.

This programme trains specialist engineers in all disciplines of building physics. Building on a base of mathematics, physics and metrology, it covers the fields of heat, noise and fire protection, room acoustics and psychoacoustics, energy and environmental technology, building damage analysis and fire protection, and solar energy and daylighting. Yet, building physics is not only a pure application of physics to structures and buildings, but also encompasses areas of technical acoustics in industry, integration of regenerative energy strategies to protect the environment, and noise protection in urban planning.

Another focus of the programme is the close connection with applied research, which is being conducted highly intensively particularly in the building physics programme. That way, students are familiarized with the latest measuring instruments and testing methods, and get involved in current research projects.

Given the broadness of education and the extremely practical approach, the career opportunities are exceptionally good. Awaiting engineers specialized in building physics are many fields with optimal entrance prospects, such as consulting engineer, expert, appraiser, communal energy consultant or development and testing engineer.


Bachelor- and Master programme

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