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LVIS - Laboratory for distributed Informations

Head of the Laboratoy:

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wanner

Room: 2/433

The laboratory for distributed information systems provides an environment to establish various distribution- and integration-scenarios of software systems. Additionally the equipment enables the setup of complex application architectures.

The laboratory was founded 2003 using the funds that were provided to build up the computer science courses. It was substantially extended in 2006. 2009 the old 1HE rack-servers were consolidated into one new big physical server. This server, which is operated in the systems center of the HFT, provides different environments (operating system, software components) using virtualization. Additionally the laboratory contains 16 powerful Desktop-PCs that were obtained newly in 2009.

On the servers there are different middleware-products, database-systems, and development tools installed. Examples are JBoss and Tomcat (Application server), Mule (ESB), Apache (Web server), JacORB (Corba Object Request Broker), MySQL (Database server), and Hibernate (O/R-Mapping Tool). The clients are equipped with different development and modelling tools. Examples are Netbeans IDE and Eclipse IDE (development tools), Sparx Systems Enterprise Architectand NoMagic Magic Draw (modelling tool), and different QA tools.

The Laboratory mainly is used by the students of our courses Computer Science (Bachelor), Business Informatics Bachelor) and Software Technology (Master). Hands-on training and laboratory work for the topics Middleware Technology, Enterprise Application Integration, Software Engineering, Systems Design und Workflow Management Systems take place in the laboratory. Additionally the laboratory is used to create bachelor and master thesis.