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Prospective Students

Bachelor programme Business and Information Systems Engineering

Profile  <<
Start of degree: In the summer or winter semester
Application deadline: 15th January (summer semester), 15th July (winter semester)
Period of studies: 7 semesters
Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Master programmes: Master Software Technology
Master General Management

Short description/Profile of the programme  <<

Business and Information Systems Engineering as a stand alone discipline arose from Business Management and Computer Sciences. It deals with current practical and scientific questions in computer assisted data processing in economy. The focus is on management of operationally relevant information. This especially includes planning, developing, introducing and operating application systems, but also the use of information technology for innovative business models (e.g. E-business, sales of digital content).

Structure of the programme <<

Graduates of the Bachelor program on Business and Information Systems Engineering have sound competencies in computer science and profound skills in business processes and enterprise software in companies. Thus, the study program focuses on computer science, business administration and business and information systems engineering itself. Additionally, the study program comprises the mathematical foundations necessary and soft skills.

Core studies take up the first two semesters in which the students gain the basic knowledge in the relevant fields. Classes as well comprise mathematical foundations (mathematics 1 and 2, discrete mathematics). In the area of business administration, the basics, accounting and economics are taught. Computer science covers the basics of business and information systems engineering, programming and the first project in business and information systems engineering. Soft skills comprise working techniques for studying and foreign languages.

Main studies comprise five semesters, including the full-time supervised internship in the 5th semester. In the 3rd and 4th semester, mathematics covers operations research and statistics. Business administration covers quality management, basics of logistics, cost and results accounting. In the area of computer science, classes on software engineering and modelling, database systems and IT security are taught. Business and information systems engineering covers enterprise software, commercial programming and software project management. The students get acquainted with and as well get practical skills with an ERP system. Furthermore, they get skills in a legacy programming language.

The supervised internship covers half a year and is usually spent in industry working on several tasks closely related to the study program, thus complementing the knowledge and skills gained at the university in the previous semesters by achieving additional competencies in practical work. Students are supervised individually by professors, additionally to their company supervisor. In the 5th semester, additional classes on presentation training and human computer interaction are offered.

The 6th semester comprises compulsory optional modules in business administration, computer science and in business and information systems engineering, thus allowing the students to gain additional knowledge and skills in the respective areas they choose. Furthermore, the 2nd project on business and information systems engineering, business process management and a seminar are offered so that they achieve further competencies and skills in projects and knowledge on surveying state of the art literature.

The 7th and final semester comprises the 2nd compulsory optional module in business and information systems engineering, an interdisciplinary project, law and organisational psychology. The bachelor thesis spans 3 months. It can be performed either in industry or at the university. It is to be defended in the final seminar.

Requirements <<

  • The programme is completely taught in German. Hence, applicants need knowledge in German on the level of native speakers.
  • General university entrance qualification, subject related university entrance qualification, University of Applied Sciences entrance qualification or equivalent foreign educational achievement
  • Enjoying structuring problems and developing models
  • Communication skills and resilience
  • Good grades in mathematics
  • Programming and foreign language skills in English are an advantage
  • Acceptance will take place according to the selection procedure, the grade of the university entrance qualification is crucial

Prospects <<

Specialists in Business and Information Systems Engineering are employed in companies of all sectors based on their skills in business management and IT, in particular at the interface between user and IT departments. Further typical employers are software and consulting companies, which offer enterprise software or introduce enterprise software in other companies and organisations.

International partner universities <<

For students of the Bachelor programme in Business and Information Systems Engineering there are contacts with partner universities worldwide. The international academic office of the university is available to help you to prepare and to plan a semester abroad.

Accreditation <<

The Bachelor programme in Business and Information Systems Engineering has been accredited by the renowned accreditation agency ASIIN until 2018 in 2012.

Contact <<

Phone +49 (0)711 8926 2526
Fax +49 (0)711 8926 2553
Schloßstr. 26, Bau 2