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The international master's program "Software Technology", introduced in 2000, was accredited in 2004 by ASIIN.

ASIIN is the only German accreditation agency specialised in accrediting degree programs from the fields of engineering, informatics/computer science, natural sciences, and mathematics. ASIIN has a comprehensive and well-established position in science and education as well as in business and industry and enjoys a broad international reputation.

The accreditation ensures that subject-specific and cross-disciplinary quality standards are maintained. Furthermore, German academic structures and degrees are made internationally comparable so that higher education becomes more flexible, thus creating new opportunities for personal education paths. Criteria for the accreditation comprise the course programme itself, i.e., the content of teaching and research methods, relevance to the job market, qualification of the instructors, supervision of the students, and the university's administration support for the program.

Further information on the accreditation can be found on the ASIIN homepage.