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Computer Science

Information technology is present in every aspect of our present lives – mobile phones, navigation systems, online shops and online booking systems are examples of IT used in private life, while planning and controlling systems used internally and externally to companies are examples of IT used in professional life. Computer scientists are the architects of such systems. In addition to the necessary mathematical background, students of a computer science programme will first learn the basics of computer science and programming, where no prior knowledge of computers is required. As the course progresses, they will then be familiarized with the methods, techniques and tools for designing complex software systems.

Working in IT typically involves taking an engineering science approach to the selection of solutions to a problem. In practice, this has to be complemented with prior experience and a certain creativity if one is to develop the most efficient solution possible under the given conditions.

HFT Stuttgart offers a software-oriented Bachelor of Computer Science programme in German, as well as the master programme Software Technology in English to build upon it. In addition to this classical Computer Science course, we offer the more application-oriented bachelor programmes Management Information Systems and Information Logistics. Management Information Systems deals with the creation and implementation of business software. Such software is used in companies of all industries and sizes. Information Logistics is an interdisciplinary programme that combines the methods and insights in informatics and geodesy. As “guides through the flood of information”, information logisticians make the individual, demand-oriented supply of information their business. Graduates of all programmes are in extremely high demand on the job market.


Bachelor- and Master programme

The flags indicate the language in which the programme is held.

German flag Bachelor Computer Science   |   Profile in english
German flag Bachelor Information Logistics   |   Profile in english
German flag Bachelor Surveying and Geoinformatics   |   Profile in english
German flag Bachelor Management Information Systems   |   Profile in english
English flag Master Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics
English flag Master Software Technology