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Graduates of a Surveying and Geoinformatics/Geodesy programme (surveyors, geoinformaticians and geodesists) are at home wherever they are: Right on our doorstep or in the remotest corners of the world. Geodesists are scientists who explore, survey and finally graphically plot our earth and sometimes even near-earth space. The data they gather ultimately becomes city maps, land and sea maps, 3d visualizations and the content of navigation systems. Universally recognized examples are GoogleEarth, BingMaps, OpenStreetMap and 3D models such as the model of Stuttgart. Route planners on the Internet, geocaching with GPS or navigation systems would have been unimaginable without surveyors and geoinformaticians.

Everybody knows that surveyors define property boundaries, and that no street or house can be built without their involvement. Perhaps less known, yet of equal importance, is the work of geodesists in the neutral evaluation of built-up and non-built-up properties.

Using their instruments, geodesists measure the tiniest changes in buildings and in the earth's crust. In doing so, they help in the early recognition of dangers and even catastrophes, and thereby minimize or even avert any consequences. Geodesists are also involved in investigating crime scenes when traces left by perpetrators have to be analyzed, and help verify the safety of vehicles by performing crash tests, thereby assuring the quality of industrial production.

In its bachelor/masters system, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences offers exciting programmes in German and English on all aspects of geodesy, with extremely diverse career prospects.


Bachelor- and Master programme

The flags indicate the language in which the programme is held.

German flag Bachelor Surveying and Geoinformatics   |   Profile in english
German flag Bachelor Information Logistics   |   Profile in english
English flag Master Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics
German flag Master Surveying   |   Profile in english
German flag Master Urban Planning   |   Profile in english