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Bachelor Plus

Study Option „Emerging Markets / Languages“  <<

BACHELOR PLUS is a grant program supported by the „German Academic Exchange Service“. The program is aimed at establishing 4-year Bachelor’s degree programs at German Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. During the BACHELOR PLUS program students will spend one academic year abroad.

Since fall term 2010/2011 the Hochschule für Technik (HFT) Stuttgart offers its students the following  PLUS to its regular 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Program Business Management. This PLUS, called „Emerging Markets / Languages“,constitutes an optional choice for Business students at the HFT Stuttgart. In addition to the regular 6-semester Bachelor’s program this study option furthermore includes two additional study semesters (7th/ 8th semester) abroad, which are integrated into the curriculum. During that year abroad students acquire additional professional qualifications that are directly linked to their Bachelor’s degree and will also be displayed on their Bachelor’s certificate.

The study option „Emerging Markets / Languages“ is therefore targeted at an increase in students’ regional mobility. Moreover, it enables participating students to acquire intercultural competencies as well as additional professional qualifications that are relevant to their degree. Students will not achieve this combination of knowledge and skills through a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Program. Participants of the study option „Emerging Markets / Languages“ will complete 240 Credit Points. Hence, those students will acquire 60 additional Credit Points compared to the 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Program.

Regarding foreign language skills, students will be excellently prepared through the completion of particular language classes at the HFT Stuttgart. In the course of these language classes students will develop sufficient foreign language skills in either Spanish or Mandarin (Chinese) prior to going abroad. These skills will then be deepened during their study year abroad.

Regional Focus of Study Option  <<

„Emerging Markets / Languages“, as an integrated part of the Bachelor’s Degree Program Business Management, focuses on Spanish-speaking economic regions and on Greater China.

Spanish is one of the most widespread (business) languages worldwide. The population growth rate in Latin America’s countries can be depicted as above average. Considering these facts, it seems extraordinarily sensible to cover specific issues like e. g. Marketing, Strategic Management or Human Resource Management with a focus on Spanish and Latin American regions, both from an economic and cultural perspective.

The HFT Stuttgart chose the „Universidad de Oviedo“ (Spain) as the official „Emerging Markets / Languages“ partner in the Spanish-speaking region. This historic university has been known as one of Spain’s leading universities. A close and very successful cooperation with this partner university has been established during a number of years.

In 2008, Greater China accounted for 1.3 billion inhabitants, which equaled 20 % of the world’s population. According to current estimates, Asia’s entire population will grow from 3.9 billion people to 5.8 billion people in the year 2050. The Chinese GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has been growing on rates far above the world’s average during the last few years. In 2007, China established itself as the 3rd biggest economic power, ranking behind Japan and the USA. In 2009, China also became the World Export Champion, pushing Germany off its throne. In conclusion, China has already become one of the leading economic nations. Assuming that China’s future economic growth will occur on approximately similar rates, the world’s economic equilibrium will increasingly shift towards China. Taking these facts into consideration, it seems very sensible and foresighted to integrate contents into the Business Management curriculum that focus on the peculiarities of the Chinese economy, culture and language. 

Due to its economic relations with North America and Western Europe that have been developed during many decades, Taiwan is very suitable for Western Europeans, who intend to study the Chinese language and the peculiarities of the Chinese economy and culture. Starting in fall term 2012/2013 participants of „Emerging Markets / Languages“ will therefore be given the opportunity to spend their study year abroad at the Tatung University in Taiwan.

Application  <<

Interested students with an above average GPA (grade point average) may apply for „Emerging Markets / Languages“ during their course of studies. Moreover, applicants will have to develop sufficient language skills in either Spanish or Chinese during their five semesters completed at the HFT Stuttgart. Each year five study places are available at the Universidad de Oviedo. The same amount of study places will be available at the Tatung University (Taiwan) starting in fall term 2012/2013.

Financials  <<

Students participating in the study option „Emerging Markets / Languages“ will not have to pay tuition at the partner university.

The BACHELOR PLUS program is financed through funds granted by the Federal Ministry of Research and Education. Students will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships, e. g. for a partial scholarship granted by the „German Academic Exchange Service“. This scholarship not only includes travel expense and medical insurance allowances but does as well cover a certain portion of living expenses. Moreover, the tuition incurred at the HFT Stuttgart during the year abroad will be paid for.

„Emerging Markets / Languages“: Advantages at a glance  <<

  • Acquisition of additional professional qualifications, in reference to the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, clearly displayed at the Bachelor’s certificate
  • Development of advanced language skills in either Spanish or Chinese
  • Experience abroad and intercultural competencies
  • Regarding the maximum amount of permitted semesters,the year spent abroad will not be taken into account, as opposed to procedures in the regular 3-year Bachelor’s program
  • Possibility to receive a scholarship, e. g. granted by the „German Academic Exchange Service“
  • Excellent career opportunities