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Admission Procedure

A general university entrance qualification, subject-specific university entrance qualification (any type) or an entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences is a prerequisite for admission to our programmes. Detailed information on ways to gain a university entrance qualification is available at www.studieninfo-bw.de (German language only).

All programmes delivered by HFT Stuttgart are subject to restrictions on admissions.

The university will inform prospective students in writing whether their application has been accepted or rejected. As a general rule, more applications are received by the deadline than there are places available. The current admissions procedure does not allow for the forecasting of an applicant’s chances of admission.

Once the admissions procedure has been completed every unsuccessful applicant will receive a notice of rejection. Further notification will only be sent out if the applicant has indicated that they would like to be waitlisted for places not taken up by successful candidates.



When will I find out if I’ve got a place on my preferred programme?

The first notices of acceptance will be sent out as soon after the deadline for applications as possible. Places not taken up by successful applicants may be offered to waitlisted applicants right up until lectures begin.

What is waitlisting?

A second round of notices of acceptance will be sent out to waitlisted applicants if the number of successful applicants who take up their places is lower than the total number of places available on the programme. Waitlisted applicants may be given a place at very short notice right before the start of the semester (i.e. in early March or early October). If you are waitlisted you must therefore ensure that you receive or are made aware of your notice of acceptance as soon as possible (including if you are on holiday). This is important as you will still need to enrol by the deadline stated in the notice of acceptance.

How are places awarded?

Places on programmes with a fixed number of places are awarded according to an admissions procedure which complies with German regulations governing the awarding of university places (HVVO). Places available to first-semester students are awarded as follows:

  • Up to 8 % are awarded to stateless or foreign* applicants; some programmes are subject to a higher proportion of up to 10 %. *does not apply to EU citizens, who are treated as German citizens within the context of the admissions procedure.
  • Up to 2 % are awarded to applicants who have already completed another programme of study.
  • Up to 5 % are awarded to applicants claiming hardship places and to whom non-admission would represent an exceptional hardship, especially from a social perspective. The order in which hardship places are awarded is defined by the type and level of exceptional hardship applicants are assessed to face.

    The remaining places are first offered to applicants who have performed public or social service. To be more specific, this means that they have applied for a place and been admitted to their preferred programme but deferred their enrolment due to the performance of one of the following services:

    o Military service, community service (including in lieu of military service) or a voluntary year of social or ecological service

    o At least two years as an aid worker or

    o Supervision of or care for a child of under 18 years of age or another relative in need of care for a period of up to three years.

    Applicants in this third group must take up their place as part of the second intake after the completion of their service at the latest.

  • The remaining places are awarded as followed:

    • 90 % are awarded according to the results of a selection procedure carried out by the university (programme-specific selection criteria are detailed in the corresponding selection regulations)
    • 10 % are awarded according to waiting periods (i.e. the number of full half-years (semesters) that have elapsed since the applicant gained their university entrance qualification but during which they have not studied)