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The HFT Stuttgart offers 14 Bachelor Programmes and 15 Master Programmes.

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When does the application period start and end?

Applications for programmes starting in the winter semester can be submitted from early May onwards. Applications for programmes starting in the summer semester can be submitted from early November onwards.

Application deadline for programmes starting in the winter semester: July 15th
Application deadline for programmes starting in the summer semester: January 15th
Special deadlines apply in the case of the bachelor programme in Interior Design as well as various master’s programmes. For more details please refer to the Application Deadlines.

Applicants who wish to start their programme in the winter semester and gained their university entrance qualification earlier than mid-January in the same year are not subject to any special rules.

What application criteria do I need to fulfil?

You must hold a university entrance qualification if you wish to apply to HFT Stuttgart. For more information please refer to Studieninformation Baden-Württemberg (German language only).

You application must be filled out online, printed out, signed and submitted to HFT Stuttgart along with all supporting documents by the respective deadline.

I haven’t received certification of my university entrance qualification yet. Can I still apply?

Yes – if you hand in your certificate by the deadline for applications.

Special exemption: The deadline for the submission of certificates of entitlement to study at a university of applied science gained at a vocational or technical college (“Berufskolleg” or “Fachschule”) in the state of Baden-Württemberg is July 25th.

Do I have to do a pre-study internship?

Some of our programmes require prospective students to complete and report on a pre-study internship. For more information please refer to http://www.hft-stuttgart.de/Studium/Bewerbung/Vorpraktikum/index.html/en.

Can I simultaneously apply for admission to multiple programmes?

You are permitted to submit one primary application and up to two reserve applications.

Your reserve applications will only be considered if you fulfil the respective criteria for admission, all primary applications to take the respective programmes have been processed and there are still places available on them.

Do I have to submit original certificates?

No, you only need to submit a copy of your university entrance certificate. We nevertheless need an officially certified copy thereof by the time you enrol at the latest. In Germany you can have certificates certified by authorities such as the local town hall (Rathaus) or citizen’s advice bureau (Bürgerbüro).

What should I do if I’ve forgotten to submit one or more documents?

You have until the deadline for applications to submit any missing documents to the Admissions Office. Please make sure you quote your applicant number and preferred programme when doing so. Your certificates of completion of the General Aptitude Test (“Allgemeiner Orientierungstest”) and pre-study internship, declaration of academic history, certificates of disenrollment from other universities and officially certified copies can also be submitted when you enrol. The enrolment date will be confirmed in your notice of acceptance.

How long is the “waiting period” and how is it calculated?

The waiting period is calculated according to the number of half-years that have elapsed since you gained your university entrance qualification. Any semesters you have spent enrolled at one or more German universities will be deducted from your waiting period.

Under what circumstances am I able to claim (early) admission due to hardship?

The health-related, social or family-related reasons behind your application for early admission due to hardship must be serious enough to prevent you from waiting even a single semester before being admitted onto your preferred programme. You must therefore find yourself in an exceptional situation.

HFT Stuttgart awards five percent of places to applicants who make a justified claim for admission due to exceptional hardship. They are awarded these places ahead of all other applicants irrespective of the selection criteria that accompany the respective selection process or immediately after the respective waiting period. The order in which hardship places are awarded is defined by the level of exceptional hardship applicants are assessed to face. Claims for admission due to exceptional hardship are to be made in accordance with § 12 HVVO and must provide comprehensive justification of the applicant’s right to a hardship place. Certification is to be provided where applicable (e.g. specialist medical certificates).

If your claim for admission due to exceptional hardship is rejected your application will still be considered within the framework of the normal selection process.

What do I need to be aware of if I’ve already been enrolled at another university?

If you have already been enrolled in a similar or equivalent programme you will no longer be able to apply to begin your programme as a 1st semester student. If you lost your right to sit examinations at a previous university you will not be able to enrol in a similar or equivalent programme at HFT Stuttgart. A certificate of disenrollment from your previous university must be submitted on your date of enrolment at HFT Stuttgart at the latest.

What is the General Aptitude Test?

You can take the General Aptitude Test online at www.was-studiere-ich.de (German language only). You will receive a certificate of completion which needs to be submitted when you enrol. The test takes around 15 minutes and is free of charge. The result does not have any impact on admission to your preferred programme.



The Admissions Office is available to provide you with advice and support on admissions-related matters.

Admissions office
Angelika Jachmann, Doris Pelzer, Elsbeth Schwarz, Bernd Sikler
Phone +49 (0)711 8926 2662 or 2659
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Monday–Friday 9:00–12:00 a.m. as well as Tuesday and Thursday 1:00–4:00 p.m.
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