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Tuition fees for international students

International students in Baden-Württemberg will be charged tuition fees for bachelor’s programmes and consecutive master’s programmes from the winter semester of 2017/2018 onwards. Fees have been set at €1,500 per semester plus a re-enrolment fee/semester contribution of €193,40 (see here for further details).
The aforementioned tuition fees apply to all programmes taught at HFT Stuttgart with the exception of the International Project Management programme, which is subject to separate tuition fees (see here for further details).
International tuition fees are to be paid by all international students who begin a programme at HFT Stuttgart from the winter semester of 2017/2018 onwards.
Full payment is a prerequisite for both enrolment and re-enrolment in the next semester.
You can apply for an exemption from international student fees during semesters in which you are away on an internship or have opted to take a break from your studies.
Students registered on a preparatory course for the “Prüfung zur Feststellung der Eignung ausländischer Studienbewerberinnen und -bewerber” in Baden-Württemberg prior to the start of the winter semester of 2017/2018 do not have to pay international tuition fees for the first programme they enrol in further to successful completion of the preparatory course.
Click here to access further information (the link takes you to the website of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and Art).
You do not have to pay international student fees if you meet one of the following three criteria:

  • You are a citizen of an EU member state
  • You are a citizen of an EEA member state


  • You hold a German higher education entrance qualification:
    • A general university entrance qualification
    • A subject-specific university entrance qualification
    • An entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences
    • Adequate school-level qualifications and a certificate of successful completion of the “Deltaprüfung” (insofar as you gained your entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences or subject-specific university entrance qualification in Germany)
    • A recognized certificate of advanced vocational training (insofar as you gained it in Germany)
    • Professional qualifications (insofar as you gained your professional experience and qualifications in Germany) and a certificate confirming successful completion of the corresponding aptitude test
    • Other German qualifications approved by the Ministry of Culture

The following rule of thumb applies: If you are eligible for BAföG (financial assistance provided to eligible students by the German government), you are exempt from international student fees.
You may be eligible for an exception or exemption if you hold a German residence permit not only in order to study in Germany, but also because of family circumstances (e.g. if you are the spouse, partner or child of a German, a citizen of the EU/EEA or a foreigner who has been granted permanent residency in Germany), because you have been forced to flee your home country or because you have been granted an indefinite residence permit for some other reason. You may also be exempt if you have lived and worked in Germany for over 5 years. For further details, please refer to documents in the download section (Ausnahmen von der Studiengebührenpflicht).

The following groups are exempt from international tuition fees:

  • International students spending a finite period in Baden-Württemberg as part of a reciprocal arrangement at state or university level
  • Erasmus students
  • International students from partner universities attending HFT Stuttgart as part of a dual programme

Members of staff at the International Student Office are happy to answer any questions you may have.
You can also apply for an exemption in the following scenarios:

  • During a semester in which you opt to take a break from your studies (your application must be submitted prior to the start of lectures)
  • During a semester in which you are away on an internship
  • You are a refugee whose habitual abode is in Germany, you are recognized under the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, and your entitlement to reside in Germany is not merely provisional under the terms of § 5 Para. 1 No. 3 LHGebG.
  • Your ability to participate in a programme of higher education is restricted by a disability under the terms of § 2 Vol. 9 Sozialgesetzbuch.

NB: Applications must be submitted prior to the start of lectures!

How does the exemption process work?

  • If your application for admission is accepted you will be emailed an exemption form.
  • If you are of the opinion that you are eligible for an exception or exemption, please fill out the form and send it back to us along with the necessary documentary evidence (e.g. a copy of your residence permit, passport, replacement passport and/or official certificate).
  • If your application for exception or exemption is accepted, we will send you either notification that an exception has been granted or a certificate confirming your exemption from international student fees.
  • When you come to enrol, please bring your original passport/ID card, residence permit and any other relevant documentation with you.
  • You will receive a fee notification if your application is rejected and you are required to pay international student fees. You must be able to provide proof of payment when you enrol.

We will only refund tuition fees in the following scenarios:

  • If you revoke your enrolment with immediate effect within one month after lectures begin.
  • If you met the criteria for a fee exemption but were prevented from submitting supporting evidence prior to enrolment/re-enrolment.
  • If a change in circumstances that occurs within one month after lectures begin dictates that you now meet the criteria for a statutory exemption.

The refund form is available in the download section (Rueckerstattung_ISG_ZSG).