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Re-enrolment / Tuition fees

Re-enrolment & tuition fees
Students who plan to continue their studies in the forthcoming semester are require to re-enrol by paying their semester contribution of €181,40 within the re-enrolment period (January 7th 2019 up to and including January 20th 2019). The semester contribution is the sum of the Student Services contribution (€101,40), the administrative contribution (€70.00) and the Student Union contribution (“ verfasste Studierendenschaft”, €10.00). If you are liable for international student fees and/or fees due as a result of taking a second undergraduate degree, you are required to pay those fees in addition to the semester contribution within the aforementioned re-enrolment period. The processes detailed in the following also apply to you.
To avoid making time-consuming mistakes, it is essential that you read our re-enrolment FAQs before you start the online re-enrolment process.
Re-enrolment and payment both occur using the corresponding online tools. Use your email login ID and email password to log in.
Payment is to be made by SEPA transfer. You must therefore provide details of a current account for which you are the account holder. Other types of accounts are not accepted. Payment will be taken from your account 14 days after you have successfully re-enrolled online. Failure to pay by the specified deadline will see a late payment charge added to the total amount to be paid.
Your bank will reject the transaction if there are insufficient funds in your account when the first attempt to collect your fees/contribution is made. In addition to a late payment charge of €16.00, we will also charge you for any bank charges incurred in connection with the rejected transaction.
Once you have successfully paid your fees/contribution, you can use our online tools to print out an updated version of your enrolment certificate and/or other certificates required for the new semester. Please use the validation terminal on the 1st floor of Building 1 to update (i.e. validate) the information printed on your student ID card.
Students who fail to re-enrol by paying their semester contribution and any tuition fees due will be removed from the register of students enrolled at the university (“exmatrikuliert”).
Please click here to browse answers to frequently asked questions. If you have questions about logging in, please contact the Info & Support Counter at the Information Center. Contact details for members of staff who can provide you with advice on re-enrolment and student fees are available here.